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DOSA follows an episcopal structure of deacons, priests and bishops.  The episcopate is the office of the Presiding Bishop and is the head and sign of the unity of the mission, people and leadership of DOSA.  The Bishop does  not serve with unilateral jurisdictional or administrative authority, but as the voice and representative of the Diocese and the convener and moderator for the Diocese. Various Councils and Commissions exist to advise, lead and administrate the vision of the Diocese of St. Anthony.


Bishop ordinary

† Bishop Ed Gungor

Bishop Ed Gungor has a BA in Philosophy and Religion from the University of Tulsa and an MA with Distinction in Church History from the University of Nottingham. He entered full-time Christian ministry in 1980 and has served as the Rector in three different churches (two rural and one urban). 

Bishop Ed was consecrated as a Bishop in the CEEC in April of 2015 and sits in the CEEC’s House of Bishops. He is the Bishop-Protector of the Order of St. Anthony, a neo-monastic Order composed of clergy and laity, and is the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of St. Anthony. Bishop Ed resides in New York City with his wife, Gail, of 41 years. 



University of Nottingham
M.A. with Distinction, Church History, 2014

University of Tulsa
B.A., Philosophy, 2012



bishop's council

The Bishop’s Council serves at the discretion of the Bishop Ordinary Ed Gungor. The function of the council is to advise and come alongside the Bishop in Shepherding Care, Oversight of Apostolic Mission, Doctrine, Legislative Work, and Administration.

The members of the Bishop's Council Include:


Dr. Chris Green, OSA

R. Brent Sharpe †, OSA

Paul Paino †, OSA




Commission on Ministry

The functions of Commissions on Ministry (COM) are to assist the Bishop Ordinary in determining present and future needs for ministry in the diocese and to assist in enlisting and selecting persons for Holy Orders. The Commission on Ministry also assists in matters pertaining to the continuing education of the clergy.